In Defence of Criticism

a photo of lou macnamara, eva duerdan, gabrielle and zarina against a grey concrete wall in central saint martins

a bucket of kentucky fried chicken

podcast: In Defence of Criticism

- we talk about why criticism is support and not violence ❣️

pictured: Lou, Eva, Gabrielle, Zarina

Gabrielle and Zarina run The White Pube, the website you are on. Web criticism project + commentary on instagram and twitter as @thewhitepube. Gab also curates and Zarina is an artist.

Eva and Lou co-direct 12ø with Jacob Watmore. Eva sometimes makes work, sometimes designs and sometimes curates but is not exclusive to any 'role.' She doesn't know what she's doing and is happy with it that way. Lou is a filmmaker and sometimes artist/curator. In between trying to make documentaries she listens to lots of podcasts and watches too much reality tv. She doesn't read enough.