February 2021: Recipient 006, Asmaa Jama

We are very excited to announce the sixth recipient: Asmaa Jama. Asmaa sent us a selection of their poems, and we just fell in love. Their work contains the rumbling thrill of fitting together the knot of words, the puzzle of spaces, breaks, alternative endings, no pauses, all flow. We think it is the kind of writing we enjoy because it feels like the poet enjoyed writing it too; we’d like to think this is true, that it has an aura when you’re in its proximity. We hope you feel that enjoyment too.

Bio: Asmaa Jama is a danish born Somali artist and poet. They work in the liminal spaces between languages and think a lot about ghosts, spirits, saar and other hauntings. They've been published in places like - The Good Journal, ANMLY, Ambit. Most recently, they've been commissioned by BBC New Creatives to make 'Before We Disappear' an interactive experience on invisibility.

Links below if you want to read their work, listen to it, or follow them online: