Ann Veronica Janssens


This show was like walking around in the apple default screensaver no foreground middle back just wavey digital depth.except its offline, and a big room of cloudy flavour. literally. On the first floor of the Wellcome Collection, behind plastic meat curtains, there’s a room full of colour-lit mist.

~used to know someone with the colour dial Phillips living lights n i was in those bulbs. 360˚ immersion in colour essence that strengthens and wanes when you walk, going between the pink then yellow and blue. your eyes adjust and then pink is rosy white dilute/ turn away, and back, be coy, and the colour is robinson’s cordial. They started pumping more smoke into the room + we swarmed on it. it was like swimming in front of the bubble vent in a jacuzzi. there you could see the smoke curling out kinda sharp, floating spirity as it spread through the space like dragon nose graphic clouds. just wanted to run through it all tbh but the inside weather makes the floor damp, so slow steps, friends.

some shows are just big, all over your timeline (literally only went to this because yday everyone was changing their profile pictures) and if you don't post your pics its kinda fomo, people are like '??? did you not go?', and I don't mind that, in fact I like it. It's nice that there's a GOOD peer pressure to go to exhibitions, and the shows that are popular are popular because they’re simply fun. [martin creed balloon room!]. knelt down to speak to a little girl in there, who told me she was inside a rainbow. god. Art should be fun, Gab spoke about it in 'WHY I LOVE THE WHITE PUBE', and it's true, I agree, the gal went off and I'm here for it. Art should fulfil more than just intellectual enquiry! it’s a relief when art doesn't feel like art, when ur not grappling with a greater subject than you could ever understand. zz. cause understandably, you give up. I like it when art is a gut visceral reaction, that you just know but can't describe.except with a million instagram posts >:)