Bill Viola


It took me long time to get here, I walked to the station (15 mins), got on the tube (30 mins), walked from oxford street (10 mins including time taken to stop for coffee).

After all of that time I spent getting to the damn gallery, I spent 5 minutes inside. Blain Southern has a big space. But the Bill Viola show was one dark room with a little pool and a projection of a mountain all rippley like and atmospheric music n stuff. Idk maybe I missed the main bit, because the room was so dark and the gallery attendant was staring at me (might have been at me, idk if there was anyone else in he room with me, it was that dark). It was kinda underwhelming, especially because Bill Viola’s one of those big kahunas that you’re meant to be a super big fan of, especially if you’re a video artist (which I am * hair flip *). So idk. I get that it was meant to be like calm and contemplative and a lil’ break from the ‘madness of modern life or the city’ or whatever it is that people wanna claim is super busy or whatever.

Like, I got it, I didn’t like it.

heart shape made up of tiny hearts

emoji summary of a mountain, a water droplet, and a face that is over it and a little sad