Burden of Proof


Ok so after I went to the Bill Viola and was disappointed I started heading back to Oxford Circus. I worked at the River Island there a few years ago and I knew there was a little back alley where all of us used to go out and smoke, that lead back onto Oxford Street. So I took the shortcut and accidentally found myself outside the Photographer’s Gallery. And I think it was worth it.

IMO don’t bother looking at the basement or the 2nd floor unless you’re the type of loser that likes black and white photography (I mean, the basement was portraits from somewhere in South America, and it was charming and endearing and kinda nice but beyond that it’s meh).

What I wanna talk about is what’s on the 4th floor: the 3 Eyal Weizman vids (A Drone Strike in Miranshah, The Gaza Book of Destruction, and another I can’t remember the name of but it was good too, check the website maybe if ur interested). I love art about drone warfare: it’s such a potent subject and you really can get your teeth into it. I live for video essays and in depth analysis of details: Jennifer Chan, Moyra Davey, John Akomfroma I love video essays. I love it when there’s 3d graphics with real-life footage and that aesthetic clash between the two things. I love that ‘ILLUMINATI SPOTTED’ aesthetic and when people freeze video footage and zoom in and draw over things LORD I LIVE FOR IT and I don’t know why. The work just gripped me. I can’t describe why. I just really felt it. Go visit if you like that kinda stuff, it comes recommended by me.

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