Kara Walker


we know what kara walkerโ€™s about. an unarmed black man pencil drawing of a man with literally no arms. white cube walls checking their privilege and plastered with abrupt silhouettes in a gestalt of ante-bellum slavery-shouting. her working-out, her delivery. in my net speak i really wanna say she OWNS, that she SLAYS. and I feel uncomfortable about that. so I should.her statements make me blush. go to this show for the sketches on ripped out notepad sheets, go cause itโ€™s kara fucking walker.

edit, nov 15th 2016, a year on:

omg this review is horrendously fearful and is a victim of critic v identity. pls see recent essay: identity-quality. we are better ppl now lol

heart shape made up of tiny hearts the white pube emoji review kara
walker showing a back symbol, a knife, and a hand pointing to the left