they don't want me to write 4 the White Pube

Jack Carter Crawley

a blurry mirror selfie in a gallery where it’s hard to see the person taking the photo a screenshot of a google autofill of what is the point of and it says twitter, life, wasps, living an image of a black sky and a red moon

let’s talk about schismogenesis * hold up * [ it’s well annoying having to hoop-jump to understand shit cos old white men love a longworded concept - so here u go, a link 2 explain ] but ye, schismogenesis needs revisiting, like, not in the way where i’m gon write a 200pg critical blah blah on it, i mean i’m gon revisit it rh, rn

the first thing i can remember influencing this train of thought was my man Frankie Boyle who did a e-mic drop  on the relentless 2015. in the same way that u shouldn’t scratch it cause it’ll make it worse, a dizzying scroll with the thumb intensifies ur mistrust in everything/one & can fill you with enough pessimism to make u retweet Piers Morgan’s ‘I want to die.’ tweet over & over in a moribund resignation

i think it was Limmy who tweeted & deleted someat about how twitter is like being stuck in a lift with everycunt screaming & sometimes it’s all a bit too much, & i agree, it can be intense & absurd. Limmy got over this & is back at his best but it seems like everyone goes thru this stage of see-sickness with social media

remember when our evil broadcaster ran a story covering twitterz revamp to make ppl like it again? during the interview with Mr. CEO the reporter sez: ‘there is something wrong with the fabric of twitter’. [Thinking Face emoji] is there rly something wrong with the fabric of twitter? (i mean it hasn’t changed that much) or is there something wrong with how we’re using it? & whose fault is that? the users? Mr. CEO? The Powers That B? fuck knws

either way, web-based communication has liquidated human cognition in2 an introspective sneak fest promising humor, information & debate amongst anxiety, paranoia & delusion. i feel a lil uneasy rubbing updown on my phone like a coin on a scratchcard, the matte silver fragments of my spirit flaking off the inside of my sternum

the emotional flux we experience on fb/twitter is kinda like wheel of fortune when u go for a big spin, except instead of winning a yacht u get a lil yachty meme & instead of going home empty-handed ur confronted with a subtweet insinuating that ur a piece of shit ;) due to the increasing prevalence of subtweets, twitter can be a bit like a playground full of kids spitting on each others backs & (cos No One wants to stay inside) ur one of the kids

i’m not about the presumption that exploring the anthropological effects of social media makes you a rambling, bearded sage that has read too many scifi novels. there are a load of artistic implications to all this shit & that should energize ppl to articulate them (observe the rise of Joanne The Scammer) instead of pretending they don’t exist

on twitter i seen a lotta ppl incessantly complaining about how is lowkey trash & is lit & i suspect that character/modes of behavior/taste blah x3 are being dictated by similar social binaries. these arbitrary divisions have accelerated to the point where the separation has become permanent, despite the constant evolution of content the conflict between online persona is fueling mimetic, almost parrot-like responses to not ‘What’s happening/on your mind?’ (as fb/t constantly asks us) but ‘What you saying about what they just said?’. so rather than bringing something to the table we’re already sat at the table carving over each others work like i used to do when i finished an exam early

sometimes i wonder whether we’re able to give each other evil-eye, casting malevolent glares at our opps thru the subtlest of interactions. if so, being active on social media is a bit like doing a wheelie down the street – everybody secretly hoping u fall & hurt ur head

i believe that these unsaid sensitivities intensify during adolescence, particularly in liminal periods (moving away from home, working abroad, y’kno, big trips) the problem being that cuz of distance & disconnection, if u try to confront the mimetic crisis playing out in front of ur eyes, ppl will think u’ve gone a bit mad

facebook is deffo guilty in all of this. i’m suspicious of whoever has been coding the algorithms of the site cuz it’s eerie & surreal when ur timeline is hogged by the updates of ppl u’ve lost close contact with. i’m aware of the sites unfollow/mute options but my criticism still stands

fb is fuelling a crisis of cognitive dissonance. every day we’re confronted with contradictory beliefs that push & pull us all over the place until the natural reaction is to ignore almost all of it. there has to be a root cause to the recent rise of fascism & maybe we should consider the structured apathy of fb as part of the #problem. even worse, we’re often forced to contemplate past versions of ourselves, so everyone (particularly in my gen) is being haunted by their own virtual ghost

a recent implication of the schismogenic divide is the ‘savage’ culture that i can kinda entertain until it attempts to excuse actual evil. in a succinct way i sense that the intent is to create distance from the occasional hypersensitivity of marginalized politics. going back2Limmy’s metaphor about us all being stuck in a lift screaming, i’ve been influenced to think that the Powers are curating this controlled state of confusion.

these viral trends/patterns have exponentially developed over the last few years & (it feels like) we are more divided than we’ve ever been. this uncanny & partially schizophrenic revelation echoes the mantra of DJ Khaled. in an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show he was asked explicitly “who’s they?”. he warns Ellen to stay away from "them” – the identity of which can never be ascertained, only speculated on with a schismogenic scope

there is a part of me that’s willing to admit that the state we’re in is repulsive & frivolous & that we should count ourselves lucky that we never had to storm the beaches of Normandy or some shit. but tbf at least back then if we were instantly blown to pieces ‘they’ wouldn’t send ‘well that escalated quickly’ to our grieving family in morse code

this piece is not a deus ex machina & we’re likely 2 press on much the same. even so, can u pls put ur finger on the ☀ button & press & hold it down. move ur head about. smile. pull a face. remember that when it all goes black, it’s just u staring back.

a white hand holds up a cracked iphone with an old painting of a woman with bright red blood pouring out of her eyes

screenshots of youtube comments under a lil uzi vert video saying who the fuck is they
a screenshot of a limmy tweet saying fellow 40 somethings and above. Imagine your school years, teenage years, college years, except everybody’s got a video camera