Over December, we took a month off The White Pube (our art criticism website based at thewhitepube.com and on Twitter and Instagram as @thewhitepube). We each decided to film what we did over that period n upload it on our return 2 catch our readers up on our lives n selves. Like vlogs but also tiny life archives.

This is the first instalment, by Gabrielle, and next week Zarina will share her month with yaaaall. So i ended up going thru a pretty monumental time as u’ll see. I wanna know if anyone else has gone through this timeline of anxiety, n if u have any good coping mechanisms.

i didnt include it in the video but I got a sewing machine for christmas and I’m really throwing myself into learning how to make things. i feel so much better for simply having a hobby.

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* the music used in this video is Hachi by Michael Lacey, from the album Peritas