glittery green pube

The White Pube residency has been running for almost as long as The White Pube itself. Originally, we would invite artists to log onto the site and put up some of their own work. Now, artists/writers/filmmakers/ musicians/collaborations/organisations log on and totally takeover the homepage.

Mostly we contact people to offer them a residency but sometimes people put themselves forward via email ( and we say yep ok. If you would like to email us about doing a residency, just let us know who you are and give us an idea of what it is you want to do for the takeover. Please note: we prioritise artists from marginalised/precarious groups, so please bear that in mind when submitting yourself! Also, it is paid £100 per person. We haven't always made money so we are currently back-paying past residents, and once everyone is caught up, we would like to raise the fee using our Patreon funds.

See all previous residents and documentation below! (and enjoy the way the website changes over the years)