gdlp in convo with abi palmer


I spoke to my internet pal Abi Palmer as part of her new film series ‘Abi Palmer Invents the Weather.’ Commissioned by Art Angel, she has made ‘four short films made in collaboration with her two cats Cha-u-Kao and Lola Lola.’ Excellent. I’ve been really enjoying the cat-collabs, and the (un)necessary drama of the works – recreating weather systems inside the home with cardboard and disco balls and huge soaking wads of cotton wool for the enrichment of her cats, and herself I guess – so it was nice to come on and be in one of adjoining talk-shows. I am sort of… constantly thinking about how visual art is made at home, presented from home, and delivered to an audience’s home ever since Long Covid grounded me. Because it doesn’t always mean culture has to be less complex when it is home-baked; Abi Palmer Invents the Weather comes with bells and whistles and tricks and cat treats, characters, costumes, narrative design, moody soundtracks for the sake of pathetic fallacy, and a comfortable level of production value and title cards that holds it all together without leaving the audience too dry in the splash zone. I like em. I’ll be thinking about the films for a while yet.

You can watch our captioned chat here:

Disclaimer: I currently have COVID and will be living from bed-land for the foreseeable because it’s taken its toll. Had to cancel a 4 week residency to Ireland but didn’t cancel this chat with Abi because 1. I could do it from bed and 2. I felt comfortable being in this kind of adrenaline-fuelled/isolated/vulnerable position talking to someone who gets it. I fell into a daze straight after. But this is a good example of my current day 13 state of Asleep Body / Awake Head πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’« ggs