in convo with Alison Rumfitt this autumn


yoooo yo still deep in writing the book, just coming up for air for 1 second to say that on October 18th, I’m going to be in convo with Alison Rumfitt in the Handyman here in Liverpool. It’s an event produced by Dead Ink Bookshop, and we’ll be discussing her new book Brainwyrms

‘When narrator Frankie’s workplace is bombed by TERFs, her life becomes a whirlwind of media vultures, binge-drinking and casual sex until she meets Vanya - mysterious, beautiful and full of secrets. As Frankie uncovers a sinister conspiracy, Brainwyrms confronts the creeping reality of political terrorism and explores the depths of love, pain and identity in shocking, grotesque and filthy prose.’

I’m sorry but the book is fully traumatising, so I am excited to discuss. debrief. retraumatise. stare horror in the first. Maybe see you thereeeeeee??? tickets on the link ->


back to the book (the edit is going well btw, just taking a lot of time and energy, and i miss real life)