this is my favourite song of 2023


My YouTube music wrapped was like: 1. Japanese Breakfast 2. Lana 3. boygenius 4. Mitski and 5. Wolf Alice, so no surprises there.

My top 5 songs were:

But number 5 is actually my favourite. The rest I listened to as part of the full album experience but this song is a one-off collab and it kinda makes me sad that there’s nothing else like it. I loveeee the lyrics ‘memory’s a blessing in a safe mind’ and ‘I can see the angels marching in a straight line.’ There is an offy round the corner from me and whenever I walk there, I play the song. It’s only ever half-way done when I arrive, but I restart it on the walk back. That’s how much I like it. My friend Priya was wearing a Boy Harsher t-shirt so that’s how I was introduced to them (which I love, more people should express their interests on their body).

Also, the other night the temp dropped to -2 degrees C and I just got this overwhelming urge to put the music video on and copy the dance. By the time it was done (because of my heart condition) I was boiling hot. Thank you to Boy Harsher and my heart I guess !!!!!