You know that book we mentioned we were writing, well, it’s called Poor Artists and it’s coming out October 3rd and it’s being published by Penguin’s imprint Particular Press in the UK and commonwealth and it’s being published by Prestel in the US and it’s available to pre-order and it’s about how difficult it is to be an artist in this day and age and it’s real we weren’t lying we really did write a book and it has been edited by Josephine Greywoode, Emmy Yoneda and Ali Gitlow and it’s definitely definitely real. Look, there is a link to Penguin’s website where you can decide whether you wanna buy it on Waterstones or WHSmith or wherever. Why am I so emotional thinking about how the book is on WHSmith’s website. Wow. Now please enjoy the blurb:

At a moment in which working as a professional artist is an increasingly unattainable luxury, art criticism duo The White Pube investigate why so many artists try anyway. Labelled β€œthe Diet Prada of the art world” by British Vogue, in Poor Artists writers Gabrielle de la Puente and Zarina Muhammad ridicule a contemporary art world that has turned art into artworks, art schools into art universities, and creative expression into cut-throat competition.

Poor Artists follows aspiring artist Quest Talukdar as she embarks on a surreal journey into the creative industry, where she must decide whether she cares more about success or staying true to herself. Featuring dialogue from anonymous interviews with real people who have all had to ask themselves the same question – including a Turner Prize winner or two, a recluse, a Venice Biennale fraudster, a communist messiah, a ghost, and a literal knight – The White Pube tell the story of art like never before.

So waddaya think about that!!!! As we write in the foreword, this book has been written by many, many people. We cannot wait to share it with the world!

The Bookseller announced it! There isn’t a cover yet but that’s kind of fun, because it means we all have something to look forward to. I feel sick. I feel good. This has just been a long time coming and there’s a whole summer to contend with between here and publication. As discord informed me, the book’s publication date October 3rd is the same as that Mean Girls meme. That’s going to be so handy for marketing. Great news.

pre-order link is here if you are beautiful

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