Bridgerton Series 2


i am late to the game, but i simply have to say this, or i’ll explode.

i think series 2 of Bridgerton was BETTER than series 1.

I feel like when something new and buzzy comes out, i have to wait for miserable people on twitter to like… get their hot takes and discourse done and out of the way before I can enjoy it. I like coming to things 2/3 months after the general public of the internet. and i am VERY aware that series 2 of bridgerton wasn’t as shockingly well received as series 1.

BUT MY CONTROVERSIAL OPNION IS: i think it was better.

I was going to write a full on review, but i didn’t really have enough thoughts to make it into a whole entire text. so please, blog readers, enjoy the bits n bobs from my notebook.

i think the screaming sex scenes in series 1 were embarrassing. i know that the hot duke is the fittest person to appear on screen in the history of telly, but i think yearning is hotter than any one person has the capacity to be. i LIKED that every time Kate and Anthony got anywhere close to even just touching one another, it triggered a whole metric shit tonne of like.. painful angst. i think that felt proportionate and delicious. i enjoyed the completely bizarre way they reacted to each other.

i’m not really the person to do the whole defence of the slow burn, i just thing the yearning is better than the pay off. I also think that this series gave us an enemies to lovers trope AND a love triangle? delightful, thank you.

i also think it is very painfully obvious that both kate and anthony are older siblings. As the oldest daughter in an immigrant family, this was the romantic representation I didn’t realise I needed.

maybe the yearning is about self denial? an unwillingness to believe in having good things for yourself? I’m not sure. but i think the complicatedness of it all makes it hotter. and sometimes chemistry IS deniable. like sometimes chemistry scares you and you want to turn away and avoid its gaze. tell me you have an avoidant attachment style without TELLING me you have an avoidant attachment style.

i think in series 1, no one actually cared about how well written it was because the sex scenes were literally slapstick and the duke was so fit it just DAZZLED AND CONFUSED us all. but i think series 2 was lowkey a better written series? more twists and turns, more THINGS going ON.

i don’t ever want to speak about the KKKG orchestral remix tho. that simply kills me. goodbye.