march camera roll


i’ve been here there n everywhere! spring sprung & then it went back on its holidays! i think it’s back today tho! i saw some art, saw friends and people i like! i had nice dinners, read nice books, went to a nice concert! i spent time with my sister and Vincent (the cat) got a lil cone head bc he has a scratch on his bum (poor vincent). I looked at the sea! I had a cold and went to bed at 6pm! i worked my hardest on a chapter, even if it’s not perfect, i am still proud of the work i handed over to gab! i also did a painting for the first time in about 10 years (literally) and i think it is mediocre, but gab & at least 2 other people said they liked it (that’s a fanbase I’m more than satisfied with). i ran fast! & far! i had a nice month with nice people! i am very lucky and grateful that i get to have such a nice time all the time! here are some pictures!