may camera roll


isn’t the weather nice! i spent may being here there and everywhere, but glad for the bounce around. just been eating pasta and lil pastries, stomping round london and working hard w my head down. once it hit june, we sent the first draft off and took a lil brain break but may was a month i spent under the somerset house exchange skylight tip tap typing in the sun. i did so much research and reading! filling in gaps, making notes, chasing foxes down burrows that maybe didn’t end up in that 85k bad boy but i was glad to keep track in my notebook for another day. and i saw jai paul! i found out that vincent likes to be brushed w my hairbrush like i am combing his face! i smoked soooo many rollies perched on a pavement in a courtyard, feeling like my brain was genuinely sweating from exertion. i have had a truly lovely time lads. life is great! what a gift, thank the universe that we all get to be alive in the world with all these lovely people and lovely things. kisses mwah mwah mwah xxxx