Published another pamphlet with Rough Trade Books!


Soooo you might remember, May 2022, I published a review of Chaotic Nightclub Photos, which is a twitter account sharing exactly that. The text was about 6K words and in all honesty, I did not have a lot of time to write it - I was happy with it, and readers were too, but I wanted more time to really nail it. And then I got a message. Rough Trade Books were asking if I wanted to write a longer version that they could publish as a pamphlet in their upcoming nightlife series. I said yes pleaseeee. So, the text is now 11K words. It’s got added art history, added gossip from my teenage years, longer conversations about consent and surveillance. It’s just much better lol, and I’m really grateful for the opportunity to have another go.

The back of the pamphlet really hypes me up, listen:

Writing with all the trademark verve and deliciously irreverent brio that de la Puente has become known for as a founder of The White Pube, Chaotic Nightclub Photos: The Review charts one art critic’s voracious appetite for the eponymous Twitter feed and its glut of flashbulb surrealism. Taking the reader back through the history of artistic representations of nightclubs, de la Puente finds herself asking why this chaotic, unhinged energy has so often been found wanting in the cultural depictions of night-time debauchery. Hugely intelligent, readable, personal, playful, and yet full of deft scholarship and deep knowledge, this is a vital contribution to the lore of the growing cult of Chaotic Nightclub Photos.

Also happy because when do you ever see our writing in print?? never ever. The White Pube exists on this website and it is gonna be so novel to hold 11K words in my hands. Happy because the cover is neon green. Happy because there’s at least one event lined up where I am gonna have to discuss this in public haha oh god. Happy because I really love thinking about the value of online culture, and I like when other people enjoy that too.

This is what it looks like:

chaotic nightclub photos pamphlet in neon green with black trim