I'm a different critic now


Icymi I started a column on Elephant’s website called CULTURE AT HOME because I am rebranding, and conceding, as a critic who can only really cover culture that is accessible at home. My health has gotten pretty bad so I am making do ->

πŸ‘πŸ» the first instalment was about knitting

πŸ‘½ the second instalment is about Photowork’s photography festival in a box – magic

πŸ‘€ the third instalment is about a YouTuber explorer called shiey

People keep saying to me, oh, your new column! I heard about it! I read it! And hearing them say that, and the way I feel actually writing this stuff – it’s like the popping sound when a chiropracter adjusts somebody’s body. I’m a different critic now but it’s taken me a while to catch up.

a video present for being here:

time to work on instalment no.4