this is a good website


I know it is bad but i don’t often read other people’s writing. Sometimes I will get swept away with a book that everyone’s talking about, but you know that more casual reading of reviews and essays and shit (the exact kind of shit that I literally write), I don’t really bother. The reason is a lot of stuff annoys me, bores me, or doesn’t come close enough to my interests - and it’s not even always because of the content itself but the writing style. Not enough stuff feels different enough!! and it riles me. anyway

Thanks to Critical Distance, a site that rounds up /good game writing/ every week, I have been making more of an effort to read. I need to read. I know I do. I need the watering can over me, now more than ever. I noticed Critical Distance were regularly sharing writing from a site called Deep Hell and I am happy to announce that I have consumed the thoughts of other people beyond my own. I’ve found 2 texts in particular that I want to flag here, n then maybe you will like them too and find other things of use in Hell.

first, this by Skeleton?? fell through it. the text successfully pins down the very sprawling and oily feeling of how weird it feels to be alive right now. it goes from A to G to B to L in a way that I trust? in a way i believe in. I want to write like that but I’m scared someone will ask to see my permit and I will scream and run away

2ndddd, also by skeleton, a text called AGAINST WHOLESOMENESS. very well sourced and (contemporary-) historically important, it tracks the rise in wholesome content in gaming - - where it comes from, what it looks like, how it operates, and where it falls short in its shiny perfect promise. I felt very educated after reading it. and it was very easy to read too. nice nice thank you

I will hunt for more things on this site. I am just excited to have found a new website to check that isn’t twitter or instagram. I always hope The White Pube is that for other people, and so i should definitely find other sites for myself peace. p.s. I think this is Skeleton?