february camera roll


i had a rly busy february! which is nice but i also feel like my phone’s camera roll turns into a cemetery of Things I Never look at. i used to use IG stories more, as a way to do something with all that – bc it’s nice for me to have like a monthly highlights reel of all the stuff i’ve experienced and enjoyed. but idk – there’s something about having an audience of All The Men I’ve Ever Dated & A Bunch Of People IDK that puts me off. seeing numbers and even if i don’t ever swipe up to see who viewed, i know that SOMEONE SOMEWHERE has looked at it, and that info is only a tip tap away. bonkers. i think i used to like instagram n now i hate it. i j use it like pinterest, or to keep track of exhibitions i should go to. so friendship with instagram OVER, i like these camera roll fluff blog posts even more bc they feel like a scrapbook. i like that vibe! of virtually printing these crumby photos, having an album 2 look back on. that’s the vibe. so here u go: feb camera roll crumbs, a gift for future zm !!!