tested some purple film!


Zarina got me some Lomography LomoChrome film for my birthday June last year but I am so slow to use my film camera – it makes everything into a special occasion and I don’t have many of those! but I’m using it more in order to make daily life into a special occasion, something to remember, and not just a blur of days behind me. I put the purple roll in a point and click camera I got recently from Real Camera in Manchester. It’s a Panasonic C-D426AF. I just asked them for a camera so light I couldn’t feel it in my bag, that way I could keep it on me at all times, and get over the whole special-occasion thing. I just got the scans back from the first roll, after getting them developed with Take It Easy in Leeds. I can’t post the best photos because those have my friends and my cousins in them, but I’ll share these:

gab looking down from big concrete stairs

in FACT, a gallery and cinema in Liverpool

an overhead shot of gab with space buns working at a two screen desk in between shelves of books and sewing materials

a few jobs have recently asked me for a picture of me ‘at work’ for promo reasons and I don’t have any, so I tried to get a few on this film roll. It felt nice seeing these. Not for vanity but more because all I do is stare at pages on screens, and seeing myself staring at pages on screens (imagining the meme of the astronaut pointing back at the astronaut) made my work feel more real

gab with her back to the camera looking at a big white board splashed with abstract colourful shapes nailed to the bricks behind the bluecoat gallery

round the back of The Bluecoat gallery in Liverpool, there is a piece of work called Horse Big by Tess Gilmartin. All the colours and marks are really washed out on this film but, as above, nice to see myself looking at art so that looking at art feels more purposeful somehow

a big white plastic floatation tank open and showing clear water inside

The floatation tank I reviewed here. You can see on this picture how the film has kind of green tinsel spots glittering overtop.

Gab in a cafe on a laptop, rain on the windows, her octagonal glasses tinted pink

a row of pink roses on a florist's counter in front of a neon light that says all you need is love

I was in A Slower Space buying my boyfriend chocolate and I saw these flowers lined up on the counter and I’m sorry for taking the most Tumblr photo ever but there you go

a black cat on a full bookshelf next to a guitar

my scary little shadow cat Coco perched next to previous film photo results on the bookshelf!

gab with her head down knitting on a couch

doing some knitting. I wanted to include these next two pictures because everything you see in this photo that is green is actually blue. I noticed more the blues shifting into green than much colours in the images turning purple

Gab smiling up at the camera with black short hair and a knitted jumper with a moon cut out of the centre, writing on a laptop on the couch

like this jumper is bright blue haha

I really enjoyed the film. I was expecting super super purple images but when I saw these, I wasn’t disappointed. I would get it again and know what to expect next time.

I’ve just put a black and white roll in. I’m really happy I can go back to photographing other people because constantly asking my boyfriend to take photos of me on my laptop was making me sound like someone I’m not. Listen, it’s fine to want to see yourself but I just don’t think it’s very important to me. In taking photos, I want to hold onto the things that I see, and that means I have to hold the camera!!! give me it back!!!!!!