happy birthday i am 28 now


we were born 7 days apart which i think is magic, june 23rd and june 30th. sooo we each take a week off work and let the other one run things. My week off started with the upholstery course I went on and i honestly got such a bug to make more things that I decided it was time to go to the pottery cafe near me to keep up the momentum. Now, you don’t actually make the ceramics but you can paint them. Inside, there are shelves full of unpainted objects and crockery for you to use. I didn’t want anything ornamental, I wanted something I would use all the time so I got a breakfast bowl. This isn’t a groundbreaking blog post where you learn anything meaningful about contemporary painting; I got a tiny brush and painted emojis, TWP logo, the Apex Legends logo, my family’s initials, and different punctuation because I ran out of ideas to fill the space. It was both a terrible design and also exactly what I wanted. I left the bowl there for the shop owners to fire them and today I went to pick up the finished product. I love it. It’s washy, colourful and cute. I think the bowl was Β£12 and I thiiink it was Β£3 per item to cover the paint and stuff? I would go back tbh it was lovely. It makes me a bit eeek when I consider the ££ because wouldn’t it be nice to do this all the time and not as a birthday treat. Build up a whole collection of absolutely insane plates. But whatever I had fun and i love An Activity. Here is my dumb birthday bowl:

a pale pink bowl with a red centre, on the outside we can see the white pube logo which is of course a pube, some sparkle emojis, a heart, and a strawberry

more symbols are dotted around the bowl including a palm tree, purple heart, elipsis, lightning bolt, sapling, sun, and the apex logo