things ive done to my hair


it is so fun changing your hair. I am so glad I don’t have a normal job . After a depressed 2020 and a dead 2021, I am coming back to life and I’ve taken up hair-changing as a hobby again. this is going to be a continually updated blog post that tracks the dumb things I do to my hair, going present tense and then back in time

what WILL she do next !


dyed half and half and .. half? god that’s thirds gabrielle. turqouise, purple, and peachy pink. I used Directions this time. I forgot how good it is. waiting for my fringe to grow a bit more so i can bleach and dye it again :)

half rice half chips

dyed all the bleached bits bright orange (using that Bleach London dye)

you can see the bottom bits are half orange and half pink in this one:

I cut two lengths. I wanted to keep the front bits long because I basically always have my hair tied up

dip dyed the whole thing and did it orange. decided i was gonna cut it short but wanted to have fun first

if you zoom in on this one you can see how grey my fringe is going

university era

pink white purple grey. i was so brave and young. I think i’m being rowdy with this hair in 2022 but this is nothing

holding a strangers cat in iceland