I need your art, and I also need the moon


over 2021, I’ve been running a twitter account called @game_moons where I* posted a screencap of a moon from a video game at midnight every** night. *I ran out and lots of people on discord helped me harcvest moons, and **I didn’t do it every night but that was the plan. Anyway, Twitter is feeling bad at the moment so I have moved all the game moons to a new page on Tumblr which means you can follow the RSS feed _and_ users can directly submit moons.

A few days after moving this off Twitter, I was chatting to people on our discord about games. One of the users, Ewen, posted this text he’d written about Shenmue and it left me thinking about all the details that designers pack into games sometimes in the form of assets or game design that do a really precise form of world-building. Take the moon for example. You might assume lots of games have moons in them but they don’t, and I look at the games without moons and wonder why! And what’s that like. Some games have no nighttime at all. Death Stranding is one long overcast afternoon and that does a lot to support its mood.

I was thinking about Ewen’s text, I was thinking about the game moons, and I was thinking about Tumblr, and so tonight I made this: Art Inside Games, a new page that shares examples of artworks inside various video games. Game art art. Artworks made of game art and wrapped inside more game art like a house of mirrors or a very good parcel. Paintings, drawings, sculptures, stained glass. I’ve queued up a shit tonne of images from my own screenshots collection but once again, I would love it if people sent me art inside games. You can submit directly on that page if you want. There is also an RSS feed for Art Inside Games.

I mention RSS because my RSS reader is my lovely safety net at the moment. I wrote more about RSS earlier this year if you don’t have a clue what I’m on about, but it’s a good way to have all updates from various websites including tumblr pages and websites like ours come directly to you in one place. The app I’m using at the moment is Feedly. Anyway. Send me moons! Send me art! Thank you I love this. It feels like a fun way to spend time online. It is like when people collect stamps I guess. I am collecting various game assets. Thank you for your support.

Here’s a moon from Red Dead Redemption 2:

a small bright half moon at the bottom of the sky and at the top of a hill

And here’s some art from Red Dead Redemption 2 because that game has everything in the world inside it:

arthur stands looking at two frames images of flowers in vases