Good YouTube


i watching youtube every day all the time always and I am starting a new series to share the things I’ve enjoyed recently in case YOU open the world’s best website and never know what to watch. thank god for youtube! thank god for me!

  1. Johanna Hedva and Uma Breakdown In Conversation @ FACT Liverpool

thank god for video recordings of talks that you should have gone to because they were in the city you live in

  1. Julia Jacklin - Head Alone (Official Video)

thank god for Julia Jacklin. I also want to run down a street away and for no one to touch me get off!!!!!

  1. Duolingo, but it’s for sign language

thank god for these young web devs

  1. World’s Longest Ever Ski Jump (New Record)

thank god for the Red Bull youtube channel I actually watch it all the time

  1. Mazzy Star full concert 10-02-94 (Shoreline Amphitheatre)

thank god for the people that upload recordings of concerts from the year I was born

  1. The Cheapest Flats For Sale In London In 2024

thank god for this man exposing the absurdity of life today

ok thats all for now see you next time enjoy youtube