Good YouTube #2


man i’m so ill!!! I just made my lunch but I am too nauseous to eat it so I’m writing this blog post slowly between bites. I have a chronic illness called POTS that really comes into its own when the weather is hot. I was actually supposed to be in Norway today for two different book fairs and I had to pull out because of my stupid body. But Zarina’s there on our behalf. Ah. Just so frustrating. So, have some of the YouTube I’ve been distracting myself with during this terrible week:

  1. Philosophy Tube breaks down Judith Butler

When she said ‘The reason they don’t listen is because they think that listening is an act of submission’ i felt really sad. full disclaimer this took me about 7 days to watch in short bursts because of nausea, but i’m so glad I paced myself because I learnt shit loads about why ‘gender critical’ people are so stuck in that way of thinking, and why we shouldn’t expect much to change.

  1. a classic reaction video: 2 girls reacting to billie eilish’s LUNCH

This got me on a kick of watching loads of reaction videos, very 2010s youtube of me, but it’s nice to watch people so psyched about culture. it’s a type of criticism!

  1. this guy learning Russian to surprise his work friend

I am deep in learning spanish atm. also deeply ill. so watching people learning languages to surprise the people they love currently make me cry, especially because learning Spanish is so fatiguing i panic and think omg i will never be this fluent

  1. this girl taking film photos on a camera that costs a full grand

my most expensive hobby is film photography. expensive as in film costs a tenner and development is 20 something. that’s a lot. But the level of surpriese I feel when i get the photos back and can finally see what I made – unfortunately it’s worth it. However, have recently discovered i can get a bit of that same feeling if I just watch youtube videos of other people taking film photos, plus there’s no wait time for development because it’s all in the one video. just keep searching ‘film photography vlogs’ so that I can feel things besides THIS NAUSEA

that’ll do for now

urgh i have to eat this fucking food now!!!!1