horses!!! art!!!!


for those of you In The Know, You Know that i love horses

i also love paintings

i put the two together and made an instagram account where i j post pics of paintings of horses.

it’s like. i am aware that it’s a bit niche, bit bonkers. but i find myself spotting horse paintings out in the wild. i always take a pic. i like looking at paintings of horses and all the diff ways they are represented. sometimes as a metaphor! for man’s industrious spirit, civilisation, freedom! the rugged wild or the animal that cannot be tamed. idk, i think that is so interesting, such an interesting relationship with a whole species of animal. horses have such an interesting relationship with humans and ~civilisation~.

like, there’s that paintings of dogs show coming up soon at the Wallace Collection and i am obvs gona go (duh) but – dogs aren’t the same! horses are not companions in the way dogs are, they receive love or appreciation from humans in a diff way.

idk idk - i j like to spot the difference, i am interested in this animal as a totem or a symbol, a stamp to plaster over an idea. i also think horses are sooooo super mysterious, weird aliens with their big long heads. what secrets are they hiding! dyou think they have dreams!? dyou think they understand the experience of listening to music!? i think i want to be a horse for a day, just to see what it’s like to be in a completely different kind of body – one that is so different in every way, every shape would be foreign. that sounds exciting. that sounds special! i think i love that about horses too – that we have relatively little common ground, but there’s some secret conspiracy between me (us?) and all horses. like they’re in on the joke.

i love them. i love HORSES! follow my instagram account if you love horses too.