how to find exhibitions


People often ask us how to find shows, where to look. Sometimes it’s messages from people visiting England and wanting some orientation, and other times it’s people here who just don’t know even where to start. It would be easier if there was just a single website with one big national database where you could filter location and dates, but art is never that organised. so, I flick through the following websites and then go from there:

  1. Art Rabbit feels the most user friendly in my opinion, and anyone can upload their events which means it also collects info on indie stuff and not just institutions

  2. if I’m in London, Time Out genuinely useless if not in London though, and only really major hits

  3. Art Fund big hitters again

  4. Eventbrite i weirdly dont think eventbrite is as fashionable as some of the others but it’s functional and more galleries should use it because it has users for days

  5. GalleriesNow loooads and loads of stuff on this and i kinda like that they put pictures of the outside of the gallery so you know which building to head for

the other way to go about this is instagram but you have to know the gallery you wanna visit first, and just check in to see if they have anything on. Or do a general ‘exhibitions on in Liverpool etc.’ search to whittle it down, because there are sites with a local focus that might reveal some good stuff. We tend to know what’s on because we read stuff… and other critics are more on it than we are 8-) we have galleries we likeeee so we mostly check gallery websites, but hope this helps in your search / or build a literacy of galleries and exhibitions so you can figure out what you’re into !

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