i love trainers!


a month or so ago, we got an email in to TWP’s inbox that i found PERSONALLY very exciting bc i love trainers.

i love cool trainers i love comfy trainers i love ALL trainers. i wear them every day. every SINGLE DAY! with dresses skirts jeans fancy pants everything EVERYTHING!!!

if i want a nice treat to tell myself ‘well done! good job!!’ i will buy myself a new pair of trainers. all my trainers are nike, i don’t make the rules (i do, i love nikes the most)

i once went on a date w a lad who said i was FAMOUS for ALWAYS WEARING WHITE AIRMAX 90S. i said ‘BURY ME IN THEM, UR NOT WRONG’.

so when this email landed, i did a lil squeal of happiness. it was from Spring asking if i’d like to be in the international women’s day campaign for footpatrol x nike. i’m not being dramatic but literally what a dream??? what a weird whacky dream email??? what is my job???

yes, obviously i said yes. i stomped down to the footpatrol on berwick street and picked out a delicious pair of nike silver bullets — A SHOE I HAVE HAD ON MY PINTEREST BOARD FOR LITERALLY 5 YEARS, AND NEVER BOUGHT BC THEY WERE TOOOOOO FANCY TOOOO EXPENSIVE. and i tell u wot lads, i nearly cried. idk why! it was j so surreal! so silly! i am j a little critic with a bunch of opinions and no one really cares or knows that i love trainers j as much as i love art!!! but here i was getting to stomp around telling these actual fashion trainer people about what i do, why i do it, why everyone everywhere should care about art and wear nice sneaks to the gallery to impress their crush.

idk. silly! i look nice (glam gorj fancy) in the video and it makes me laugh bc i look more like my mum than myself. here it is, a reminder to future zm that i did this silly thing, i love trainers and i look more like mum than mum does ahhahahaa.