god i wanna learn to sew


if I could put the world on pause and learn something new and come back to life skilled up and useful and impressive and more fulfilled, I would learn how to make clothes and I would also learn every language. last one is a bit hard, first one however – my mum can make clothes, I have a sewing machine, and there are good fabric stores in Liverpool. it’s not my birthday for months and months, but I am already planning on asking her to teach me how to make clothes. I know it will take ages but I am so keen. Also know I can’t really get stuck in til after the book is completed (book is my hobby now, book is work, book is what i dream about, book is everything).

I think the youtube recommendation has sensed my keenness because it’s introduced me to the world of sewing videos and I am really enjoying watching these people create.

Can’t stop watching videos like this, and it’s not that i feel like I am being influenced into a new passion, but more like I am seeing how good life could be if I knew how to make things! Grown up watching my mum take over the kitchen table with projects for friends. So many curtains. A wedding dress. Clothes for babies. Sewing, knitting. Mending, hemming. I’d get dragged along to the fabric district (before that’s what we called it here) and stare at the tubes full of colourful buttons. Play hide and seek between reams of cotton and vinyl. I sometimes hear friend’s complain that their parents didn’t raise them knowing a second language, and I wish I had grown up knowing how to turn patterns into fancy clothes. I’m gonna keep watching all these youtubers until I rope my Mum into educating me. Just think it will be such a fun thing to learn.