Hardeep Pandhal has a monograph out!


first thing’s first, the link to the monograph is here. second thing’s second, if you don’t know what a monograph is, it’s a ‘written work or exhibition on one subject.’ third thing’s third, this is a monograph for artist Hardeep Pandhal. Both of us are big Hardeep fans. I think we’ve seen his exhibitions in Berwick, New York, Birmingham and London iirc? Need a band tour t-shirt with all the shows on the back. This monograph, published by Black Dog Press, features a specially commissioned text by meeee about Hardeep’s film Riddles On Back Street:

I was going to write an essay and then when I first sat down to watch it, I was struck by how many video game references it held and decided to write about it in the style of a walkthrough instead. It was a lot of fun. Made me want walkthroughs instead of press releases for all artworks everywhere. But yeah, after seeing sooo much of Hardeep’s work over the years, it meant a lot to get to write about the magic density of his art. The drawings, the music, the animation, the colours. Monographs are pretty special things, and I’m looking forward to getting a copy of this one because, well, I can’t always be in Berwick and New York and Birmingham and London to follow the Hardeep tour! and fine because now it’s in a beautiful book :D