The big secret project we're working on


we’re about to go on our annual december break but before we leave yas, here is the final post of 2022:

There’s a video version, the transcript is here, and here’s the podcast:

This has been brewing for a long time, this feeling that – yeah, maybe we shouldn’t accept Instagram as the central place we ALL share our art. The limits of centralised social media are becoming more and more clear, and with the shitshow happening over on Twitter dot com, everyone seems to be losing their patience out in the open. But how can we leave if we have nowhere else to go? Over the past few months, we’ve been having conversations on our discord server and with collaborators about what we should do about it. And we’ve come up with an idea. This podcast is that exact conversation, speaking to Kim Foale from Geeks for Social Change and artist Honor Ash about just one potential solution we could look forward to.

We’re really excited about this. You might remember we did a survey a few months ago to collate info about artists' feelings around social media – well it’s for this project. It’s a long episode but we think it’s an important conversation and we hope you feel buoyed by it in some small way.

Thanks for all your attention this year and we’ll see you in 2023 :)))))