it shouldn’t be a thing but it is a thing: this time last yr was the first month I couldn’t leave the house. I left 1x to pick up a kitten because I needed to pick Coco from the litter but then that was it. I didn’t have the energy to do things or go places and I spent most days in bed. People keep reminding me about that as if I should be very celebratory now, and ye I am of course happy to be able to live differently with the help of beta blockers and a POTS diagnosis but it’s not all perfect. i am still in pain and still having a few crashes a week, spending a lot of time in bed next to a fan because the pain calms down a bit then. but overall better yes. I just am not gonna jump for joy because i am still disabled and it hurts !!!!!! anyway here are some pictures from june. It is funny to me to have anything at all to share because for the 2nd half of last year my camera roll had nothing to say for itself and now it’s a novelty again:

my legs in a pink mini skirt with a togepi face mask on my knee in the front seat of a car

selfie in the car, the window is open so my hair was blowy; you can see my white pube logo tattoo on my wrist, and the bottom half of my hair is dyed orange

coco's silhouette in front of Overwatch on the telly

the world's most beautiful rose ie. the one orange rose i was able to grow this year, the others got eaten by aphids the bastards

a painting of an apex legends screenshot i did next to the palette, the image is of the ring coming in, bright red orange with the silhouettes of palm trees and huts around the edge

coco on the back of a chair crouched and braced in a way that looks like she is about to take off, a bit like the lion of venice

a winged golden lion statue on the outside of a chairs in the same pose as coco