learnt to knit didnt i


i’m sorry to every chronic fatigue cursed reader but why didn’t you tell me i should learn how to knit??? I am so annoyed I didn’t start sooner. It’s been 2 and a bit years. I could have done a whole adult-sized sleeping bag of knit by now??? my phone is now full of screenshots like this:

a baby in a knitting sleeping bag from a pattern on ravelry

Anyway I watched this video and then this video and now here’s the things I’ve made in the past 3 weeks or so

a stuffed rabbit in beige yarn with colourful flecks

using the following tutorial which was a really good first thing to make tbh, so simple that making it felt like a magic trick:

Then I did these very simple hand warmers

orange gartner knit handwarmers

and it was just fun that they went with my nails but actually not a good fit, i needed to LEARN more, I wanted to learn more

blue and green knit handwarmers with ribbing at the top and bottom

So I learnt how to do ribbing with some random colours my mum dropped off for me because i think she’s happy I have learnt a life skill, not really my style but deffo better fit. and still i wanted to learn more so I did this

beige knitted mitten

it has a THUMB you guys. the ribbing is ribbing. I followed this tutorial, and yes I did two of them, and yes the second mitten is somehow bigger than the first one, but I did it, and they’re very sweet! but then I was like god I would like to stop knitting hand-things and make something else next, and then my Mum got me circular knitting needles for easter so I thought HmmmMmm hmmmMMMMM and did this next:

a beige knitted scrunchie

IT HAS A BOBBLE INSIDE, it’s functional! very easy to make. the thing with knitting is likeeee, I feel like a chiral printer. I feel like a human 3D printer. I’ve never been a 3D person. I’ve only ever worked with images and words, never shapes. So I am very impressed with the whole endeavour. It’s just one long string, and you tie it in all these loose, soft knots, and then it becomes fabric. Again, why did no one tell me

So, then I felt like I wanted a longer project because these had all been 1 day or 2 day things. It was time for the discord scarf*

a beige knitted neckerchief

*I mean the Sophie Scarf but everyone on TWP discord has made it so I wanted to be in the gang. One end is a bit sharper than the other end, and style-wise, i don’t think I’ll ever wear this. I like the idea that I put my neckerchief on, my mittens, my scrunchie, and carry my matching bunny to god knows where. I will have to give this to a friend who will wear it, because I think ‘what climate?’ and the answer is ‘the french riviera mid-autumn.’ I have never been to the french riviera.

And that brings us up to the present.

a beige knitted neckerchief

I want a proper wearable thing next so I am following this video to make a cardigan. I don’t own a black cardigan and I want one, even though my Mum said never to knit black things because it’s harder to see as you’re making it, which… true. Picture me wearing a funny two-headed neck light in bed to knit. But idk, I’m enjoying myself.

There’s a lot to be said about productivity and ableism and my internal terror to always be doing something even when I’m too tired to stand up to wash the dishes or myself, or whatever. But then, I’d rather use a bit of energy to make a thing while I slowly knit and listen to podcasts in bed, instead of /recovering faster by doing nothing at all, when recovery is never promised anyway, so who knows/

I knit two lines of stockinette, I write a bit. I flip back and forth between work and what feels like a restful activity, and I make progress on both sides slowly, and the progress feels good especially when it’s there physically in my slow-motion hands.

a cat in a knitted balaclava from a pattern on ravelry