critics at large!!!


We haven’t done an interview in a while. We said no to them for a few years because we felt like we had said everything we wanted to say. All our thoughts were already online. No point. But idk! It’s been long enough that we have new things to say, as well as old things to correct. We also have a book on the horizon (long, long horizon) so it is wise to accept publicity, especially when it is slow and thoughtful, when it could help us find readers in new places – when those new readers can be introduced to us through that slowness and that thoughtfulness, rather than some random meme. Yeah. We got an email from the Nordic Art Review’s Kunstkritikk at the beginning of the year and then we had a nice interview with Live Drønen that resulted in this piece, with accompanying portraits taken by artist Maria Gorodeckaya :) The interview gives a good sense of where our heads our at, and our hands. I’m really happy with it! It is also available to read in Norweigan which I love because honestly I would move to Norway tomorrow if someone showed me the way. Enjoy the piece + thank you to the team at Kunstkritikk for giving us the platform.