I have been having a lovely year trying to refresh my music taste and one of the artists I have come to love the most is Phoebe Bridgers. I say this lightly because I don’t know the lyrics yet, just the vague feelings of her songs. In my mind Conor Oberst is cancelled and she is him but better and more melodic (and then i learnt they have a collab band side project together and that made a lot of sense to me). anyway I didn’t think I fancied her but then she kept doing things or saying things in certain tones and I have decided yes I do indeed. and then I watched her glastonbury set on the John Peel stage (via iplayer) this weekend and man i just think she’s so cool :)

i like it when she says ‘thanks guys, I’m phoebe, hope everyone is enjoying their apocalypse’ (video was published sep 2020)


edit of phoebe bridgers in front of splashing lava with red eyes saying i'm gonna kill you

phoebe selfie with pink hair and anime characters edited around her as well as rosy cheeks and stars edited too