Welcome back to ✨LADS I FANCY✨, a TWP blog series where i just show u all the ✨LADS I FANCY✨

Can’t lie, it’s been a while. I’m gona be honest, i put lads i fancy on hold for a minute because the only lad i fancied was an aggressively orange tiktok gym bro with a posh voice and shit memes. he makes gym vlogs. he’s cheugy and not even in an interesting way. he’s an embarrassingly normal lad to fancy and i was too embarassed by the fact that i actually fancied him to admit i fancied him. but we move.

this week’s ✨LAD I FANCY✨ is uncomplicated. he’s straightforward. Of course i fancy him. it’s OBVIOUS.


the other day my flatmate and I were talking about our love lives. she said something profound about how everyone thinks their love life is uniquely terrible, but actually we’re all making a big fucking mess and THEN she said ‘ultimately, all anyone is really looking for is someone to watch anime with’.

& that’s when it hit me. All we’re really looking for in life is someone to watch anime with. i feel like i could do this with AJ Tracey. We could watch Kakegurui or Neon Genesis and have a lovely evening. i just want to watch anime with AJ Tracey. i fancy him because he’s an anime boyfriend (not Anime Boyfriend - a boyfriend pulled straight from an anime, but an anime boyfriend - a boyfriend who watches anime with you).

for that reason alone, i fancy him. he’s also like… really cool? so smooth, so effortless. no qualms. he likes what he likes. he knows himself. he’s comfortable in his actual self. what a guy. AJ Tracey, if ur reading this: call me.