Welcome back to ✨LADS I FANCY✨, a TWP blog series where i just show u all the ✨LADS I FANCY✨

This week’s LIF is early (lucky you) bc i’m OFF on a BUSINESS TRIP. but, i also think better to usher him out the door now, bc he’s having A Moment. And i simply love to lean into the heady whirlwind of a 5 mins of fame niche internet micro celebrity crush!!!!


you don’t understand, i LOVE him.

i mean, we all love him (for now). but what does this say about us as a society? the politics of desire? the attraction economy? what does it tell us about sexualilty in 2022, when the world is on fire and politicians laugh at us as we burn? WhAt does it all mean!? Why!!?

if you have an answer to any of those questions, please do NOT tell me. i simply do not want to know UwU let me enjoy the entire rotisserie chicken man and his slightly grimy sex appeal. i do NOT (i repeat, do NOT) want to unpack this.

also enjoy this interview he did, it’s mildly amusing.