happy THURSDAY it’s time for ✨LADS I FANCY✨, a TWP blog series where i just show u all the ✨LADS I FANCY✨

this week’s lad is ::::


ok so can’t lie, i feel cheugy admitting to this because the internet literally is in agreement, there’s CONSENSUS. Carmy is HOT. jeremy allen white as Carmy is white boy of the month. etc. i am floating along on the winds of the zeitgeist and i hate it but i cannot deny it. I THINK CARMY IS HOT.

iMO IT’s a combination of things, a lot going on, LOTS TO UNPACK. ::::::

i think being a chef makes him hot. don’t know why, i don’t make the rules! but being a fancy little chef making terribly precise fancy things is just universally hot.

there’s the fact that he is TROUBLED. he storms round the kitchen, mostly not saying much, but he has this forehead first, head down energy where he’s just like… clenched? tense! he’s TROUBLED! you look into his eyes and they are the eyes of a man who has NOTHING. NOTHING TO LOSE, there’s just this deeply harrowing feeling of like… omg he’s dead behind the eyes but not in a no thoughts head empty way, just in a wow he’s TORMENTED, PLAGUED by his inner demons. 10/10, that’s hot.

i think it’s hot that he’s scruffy but maybe that’s just me. i think it is also an externalisation of these inner demons. like he is STACKED (bicep bicep bicep, we love,,, L O V E!! a stacked short king oooO), but he is also this crazy haired scruf. something something about a man being scruffy – that’s quite heterosexual of me, which is embarrrrrrassing but i must live my truth.

I THINK THE WHITE TSHIRT is like 70% of why i think this man is bafflingly hot. like. i just love a good white tshirt (personally, on me myself. but also, on a lad? ufff, leave it. stop it. i’m dying.) THE SLUTTIEST THING A MAN CAN WEAR is a nice white tshirt, I DON’T MAKE THE RULES!!! (i do) (it’s true tho!) and like. the people agree. i remember reading a twitter thread about how the Bear’s costume designer tailored the white tshirt specifically to jeremy allen white’s frame. raising the hem and the sleeves to hug his biceps in a way that feels illegal. i tried to google it while writing this LIF, bc i also remember reading an article about the specific kind of white tshirt, and there were so many search results waxing lyrical about the QUALITY and specific niche brand of white tshirt, it was absolutely mindboggling — the people love jeremy allen white in his slutty little white tshirt, that’s the point I’m making here. understandable. more men should wear slutty little white tees. can’t wait for summer (bicep season).

i think mostly he is hot because he is stressed - WHICH IS DIFFERENT TO BEING TROUBLED, but related to the Fancy Chefs Are Hot point. it’s a high stress job and i think stressed men are hot. i love a nervous man but i love a stressed man more. i don’t know why!!! think i don’t want to unpack that one.

THIS IS THE LONGEST LADS I FANCY I’VE EVER WRITTEN but i really just don’t understand (i do understand) why i fancy carmy so much. nice to unpack, but don’t get used to it. hahahhahAAAAAA that’s all bye.