i can’t watch these weekly episodes of The Last of Us without thinking oh yeah, note to self, hack the white pube and make Pedro Pascal a lad i fancy before Zarina can stop me.

icymi Pedro Pascal was cast as Joel in The Last of Us, a game series I was traumatised by. It’s great. It’s very weird seeing it on the telly, but I think they are doing a good job so far, and basically I fancy proxy dad Pedro

pedro pascal as joel in the last of us

everyone loves him, he’s very sunshiney (when he’s not playing Joel)

pedro saying im your daddy to the camera in a bright pink sweater

saw an interview where he said the one thing he’d take from the game of thrones universe into TLOU apocalypse is his golden cape so he can swish around empty cities

splitscreen photo with his game of thrones character looking slick on one side, and then pedro with a finger to his mouth looking saucy on the other

:) he’s like a very cheerful crush to have

pedro pascal with a leather jacket on but no trousers, on the edge of a bad, its hot

I am trying not / to scroll / at the moment, like at all, so when I go on twitter or instagram to post things for work, I basically just see whatever the top thing is. One time, it was this. like, why was he taking a selfie. who was it for.

and then i found these pictures where he looks like an art student so I obviously had to share them. I don’t like him as much with the young art school look, he has come into his own. dad. enjoy.

young pedro with dyed black hair and earrings

young pedro with dyed black hair and earrings scowling