ok, she’s back.

haven’t done a lads i fancy in a while? idk why! I j wasn’t rly feeling it – part of it feels a bit embarassing, like admitting i have a CRUSH on all these random ficitonal men. sooooo silly, frivolous. even tho the frivolity is the point! this whole series is about the whimsy and delight of having a crush, of fancying someone. but ye? that started to feel embarassing, idk why. BUT THERE IS NO PLACE FOR EMBARASSMENT HERE ON OUR BLOG. WE EMBRACE THE WHIMSY AND DELIGHT OF FANCYING EVERYONE WITH OUR WHOLE HEARTS!


after a lil break, we’re back with ✨LADS I FANCY✨, a TWP blog series where i just show u all the ✨LADS I FANCY✨

this week’s lad is ::::

26: DAVE

i clearly love talented men? like there’s something about a guy that’s GOOD at what he does, competence is HOT.

But also, i think dave specifically has a really kind face? like he looks like he smiles a lot and smiles sincerely. sorry, i LOVE him. i want to kiss his lil cheeks. bet they’re soft. bet he moisturises. bet he smells incredible. bet he is a nice person to spend time with. i LOVE HIM!

also i j think he’s really cool. that’s enough to qualify as a ✨LAD I FANCY✨ (it’s a low bar)