hello happy April! and welcome back to ✨LADS I FANCY✨, a TWP blog series where i just show u all the ✨LADS I FANCY✨ !!!

it’s that time of year where like, everyone’s just jazzed that it’s not winter anymore. i, me, myself, i am wearing LESS generally. more colour, more fun, more shapes. fashion is so interesting in the way it makes us ~~~feel a particular way – about ourselves and also about other people (esp the people we ✨FANCY✨). i for ONE! love a man in a fancy little outfit. not necessarily a suit! just a fancy little outfit where he’s like :) look at me :) i’m wearing a fancy little outfit :). it’s like the opposite of nervous man. or a subgroup? of nervous man? parallel feeling. when a lad’s like :) look at my lil outfit, don’t u love it (and me) :)

all this to say: yes. i know this week’s lad is WIDELY, almost universally, fancied. he’s a TRITE, BANAL CHOICE. but he’s SEASONAL. like berries and aperol, seasonal seasonal seasonal. i fancy this lad under these particular climatalogical conditions. (obviously in other climatalogical conditions, but j esp rn when the sun is out, there’s a lil chill in the air but we’re just all SO GLAD that there aren’t 4 layers bundling us all up).

this week’s lad… is…


you don’t understand, i LOVE him.

i love his pale little legs. i love the wide stance, the headphones in sunglasses on we are going stomping attitude. i love his horrible little jacket and his horrible little trainers. but MOST OF ALL.

i love his slutty little shorts.

and i love that there are multiple iterations of this outfit?

i like to imagine paul mescal having a cheeky lil glance in a full length mirror before he leaves the house. he turns, ankle twisting on the spot as he checks from side to side, lil peep at his bum. maybe he runs a hand down the front of his shorts to smooth the fabric. maybe he pulls them up so the short shorts aer shorter short shorts. he does a little smile where he pushes his lips flat against each other.

‘yes,’ paul thinks. ‘i like this.’

this is a stock outfit that can be dressed up or down. here is a smart-casual version.

and here are some bonus pics of paul mescal at the olivier? awards? getting maccies? in his tux? gazing lovingly? at his lil trophy? so proud!? SO CUTE!?

you don’t understand, i LOVE him.

apparently he goes running down regents canal? or he used to? idk i heard the twitter girlies say he’d run round hackney shirtless, in that post-normal people era when he was truly king of the white boys.

hope i bump into him. hope he offers to let me touch his pale pale legs. hope he sees this and KNOWS: i love his shorts more than i love him, but it’s a close race.