we’re BACK! with another ✨LADS I FANCY✨, a TWP blog series where i just show u all the ✨LADS I FANCY✨ !!!

i haven’t done one of these since APRIL and that is because i was simply too busy to fancy fit lads, there wasn’t enough room in my head to cram it all in. but now we have had some time off, brain break, smoooooooth jazz playing while i have a lil lie down etc i’ve got a lad that has been waiting in the wings for his time to emerge and now it is his TIME 2 ✨✨✨SHINE!✨✨✨

this week’s lad… is…



like hello? help. hahahahha. are you crazy? is HE crazy? maybe.

i’m aware he’s has had a moment in The Cultural Spotlight recently bc of the succession finale. But i’m only on series 2 (no spoilers) so he didn’t even enter my peripheral vision until i watched big little lies w my boyfriend and when ALEXANDER SKARSGARD CAME ON SCREEN and did his whole unhinged routine of being a deeply unstable tall man, he turned to me and i was literally blushing i think legitimately blushing. which is so funny bc i literally have a whole entire series on here talking about the lads i fancy, there’s no point me being coy about fancying someone but i actually fancied alexander skarsgard so much i felt legitimately genuinely and sincerely embarrrrrasssssed by it all. can’t believe it. i’m predictable.

i think what it is, IS. i think alexander skarsgard doesn’t care that he is incredibly handsome. that feels banal to him. that is like,,, he’s beyond it, i think he finds it personally boring. he is here to have a weird time. a fun time. a time that is just more interesting than the middling experience of a handsome man that looks fit in a suit.

boring. boring boring boring. he wants to get soooooooo weird.

i want to lick him. i want him to hold me upside down and shake me for spare change. i want to take him to an indoor ski slope and skid down the highest incline, using him as a human toboggan. i want to dress him up in a christening gown and chase him through the woods.

alexander skarsgard if ur reading this (lmao as if) and this sounds personally interesting to you, CALL ME we’d have so much fun.