is the 31st lad i fancy. I only know him as Guy Foucher in the 1964 musical Les Parapluies de Cherbourg, a film I watched recently because I’ve got a new love for musicals, not realising this is a sung-through musical ie. every single line is sung. turns out I don’t love those 1 hundo percent musicals. But it’s fine, Nino Castelnuovo softened the blow. I tried to google search some good pictures to share here but Google is a piece of shit nowadays so I have gone through the film myself and taken screenshots. ENJOY

a smiling nino castelnuovo at the beginning of the film

happy little lad, doesn’t know he is about to become the VICTIM

a concerned looking nino in a boatneck jumper

can you see the zig-zag vein in his temple because I can (also, checkout that knit)

side shot of nino with a sharp fade, bedside to his sick aunt

good hair

Nino in the rain, hair all wet and flat, next to white tiles painted with blue motifs

no words

nino at work in the garage with blue overalls on

honest working man

nino sat on the bed wearing a yellow cardigan

more good knitwear

thank you Nino