i love this magic blue game stuff


my process for writing reviews and essays is usually pretty straightforward: there’s a thing I want to say, and I try to deliver it in an order and a voice that makes sense, while I pad it out with justifications and explanations. one after another, constant, flowing. but every so often there’s a subject I can’t pin down, like I can’t quite decide the reason I even want to talk about it, can’t find the words I’d even say. in the end I have to let it flow down the river, but every so often I remember it’s gone now, and then I regret not being able to capture it. thissssss is one of those moments!!! I don’t know what this thing IS and I’m not about to figure it out in a little blog post, I just want to let you know that it almost happened and it didnt. that is to say I wanted to write about the glowing blue magic cold electric aesthetic that I see in loads of different video games. I like it!! It’s like this specific tone that I don’t really see in other media, and never IRL ofc. I don’t know, Idk, and that’s the point. So for lack of any words, here are pictures instead. maybe I’ll circle back round to it eventually, or come back and add more pictures of the nice nice blue as I encounter it. magic thing

games in order: Maquette, Breath of the Wild, Death Stranding, Kena: Bridge of Spirits, Horizon Forbidden West, God of War

a glowing blue rock floats in the air above a pink domed building in the video game Maquette

in front of the doorway to a building, which is quite a dull scene, there are electric blue butterflies lighting up the foreground, unreal, no detail, just blue shapes twitching

in breath of the wild, link ascends from his position on a horse up into the air in stringy blue lights and lines

looking up at the sky in breath of the wild, there is a tree glowing with blue leaves, lit by moonlight and the same blue sky behind it at night

Sam zooms across a mountainous region on a blue zipline that looks impossible, made of light, while he scans the earth below him that shows the topography with the same look in rows and rows of blue lines

a dark cave in kena bridge of spirits is lit up with a floating blue stone that is trapped in a huge water bubble

a brown abyss has a few floating rocks in the air, and kena is jumping between them using her staff - that has a glowing blue rock at the top of it - to magnetise herself to special blue flowers that glow in the same way

kena pulls an arrow back in a bow ready to shoot, scene around her completely black, but both her bow and the arrow are made of blue light

Aloy looks at a holographic illustration of the globe made up of blue and purple lights in the air

Aloy rides a machine at night, and the sky behind has a huge moon, and the machine, her mount, is outlined in dark blue lights along its components

Kratos walks through a blue purple portal world that takes him between places, where the land is made up of twisted branches and glowing dark blue stones