some more summer IRL


pictured: a summer of going outside more, taking up dyeing and cutting my hair as a hobby again, hanging out with Coco, doing another painting, and also going to the book of mormon without knowing anything about it but leaving at the intermission because of muscle pain and racism

not picture: i went to west kirby bookshop and got the ferry back to liverpool, i’ve moved back into a real office, and i’ve dyed my hair four different colours

gab wearing red plastic heart shaped glasses

a strangers cat climbing the spiral staircase in zarinas house

the white pube logo on a black tote bag while i wait for a taxi to take me to a friend's house in london

gab holds scissors up the camera, behind her hair is sectioned into four with bobbles ready to cut

a lazy oaf wall hanging of a sad face next to coco sat on the back of the couch with a curly tail

an ornate theatre ceiling at the liverpool empire, with a heavenly blue cloudy image on the stage

gab at the back of the bus wearing a neon green pleated skirt and a pink bag shaped like the pokemon ditto

coco all floppy and on her back looking up at me with cartoon-like eyes

a sketchy painting of togepi with a painted caption 'we should all know less about each other'