a present for YOU, here you go


here you go: it’s 30 free days of MUBI

personally I am ecstatic. I have been subscribed to MUBI for about 6 or 7 years, so when they emailed asking about a potential partnership moment, I was genuinely geeennuinely happy. MUBI is a streaming service that makes one new film available every day, and you have about a month to watch it before it is eventually knocked off and replaced by another one. I have always liked the dramatics of that. The films are a mix of big classics and cool indies that I would otherwise not know about. Because I’ve been watching MUBI picks for years, it feels trippy to see the white pube logo on their website. I’m made up :)

the reason they were getting in touch is because there is a new film by Martine Syms out called The African Desperate, and it’s streaming exclusively on MUBI. It’s about an art school – our favourite topic. So we are helping to promote it. We both watched the film and really enjoyed it - Zarina has actually written about it here. You can go watch the film and then read or listen to her review, or vice versa. I love that!!

It’s a nice moment for us because we never do partnership stuff - we either never get offered or we turn stuff down because it’s a weird fit, but this is a win-win. I’m doing this blog post so it’s easy for you to find the MUBI link - here it is again incase you missed it. I’m doing this blog post to let you know that we would love work with MUBI again, so if lots of people sign up for the 30 days, we can show them our audience are keen + demonstrate some good engagement for future collabos 8-) fingers crossed

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