i am still listening to a million albums


last year as you WELL know I began a new hobby called: listening to top 50 album lists. I just wrapped up listening to NME’s top 50 albums of last year. There was a lot I found very boring (they rated the arctic monkeys album number 1 but I didn’t even notice when it finished) but soooome stuff has made it into the library. long termmm. I say this every time I finish one of these listenthroughs but it is so rewarding growing my library. In the past, the stuff I liked just came and went. I never held onto it like this? Adding to library feels like I’m welcoming the music into my life. Arctic Monkeys album not welcome tho. Here are the select few that made it:

the best, obsessed

these are so fun. The NME intro wrote, ‘Any album that was road-tested in The Fuck Bunker – the band’s DIY club in their Melbourne garden – was surely going to be a banger.’ haha

see, this makes me think i should like beyonce’s album more than I do but alas

I thought I missed out on the Mitski indoctrination because I dont have tiktok but now i get it:

as the top comment on this song says, ‘the absolute pinnacle of british baroque pop’ so you can imagine my :O when I found out the lead singer left the band the week before the album came out?? gotta be grateful for the music we do have and hope everyone is okay