october irl


my sleep is slipping into the day, i keep thinking about how it’s about to be self-assessment tax season nightmare time, and I still don’t want to put the heating on // but i am happy to announce I have been going outside and seeing people more regularly, and it feels good in my bones. I checked the steps app on my phone: for October 2021, the average steps over that month were 580 (when i couldn’t leave the house). For october 2022 it’s 5138!!! so excuse the overload of Pictures of Myself but it’s like proof of all of those places I’ve been, all the steps – been getting actual blisters because my feet are so un-used to shoes. And I say proof because I forget. It’s proof for myself. I will have a day when I can’t get up, or even an hour, and I think I’ve done nothing, been nowhere; this bed is where I’ve always existed. Pictures to combat object impermanence; pictures to prove that’s not true.

gab outside the museum of liverpool with a togepi facemask on

the white pube in old timey writing on a silver necklace

gab on the underground in liverpool taking a picture in a big curved mirror

coco on her scratching post caught licking mayonnaise off her nose

gab selfie with one of those silver reflective jackets on that shines really bright in the flash

spooky trees in the dark

gab before she went to tesco, hair all frizzy, wearing the 'i love my sick friends' tshirt

liverpool city centre, showing radio city tower