the white pube begins!!!


my mum dropped off the last of my childhood-bedroom-things at the weekend. Mostly a load of size 8 clothes that feel like a gift from god because last week i finally downloaded vinted and now i am gonna turn that pile into cold hard cash hallelujah. So ye, clothessss, there were some family photographs, curlers, a lomography cameraaaa, oh and the entire contents of my degree. from artworks to sketchbooks, research files, books I bought and never read, books I bought and annotated to shit, and finally, the journals I wrote in every single day I was there. Every single day including the day we had the idea for the pube, 12 October 2015. The day after, as well. I was ludicrous.

At some point in the past 7 years, I have found these notes and been in utter shock that The White Pube became my full time job, gratuitously circling this moment in neon green highlighter. This weekend, I just ripped the pages in question out of the journal and threw the rest in the recycling. I am precious about it but not that precious. And it might only matter to ZM + me anyway haha

here are the notes in question blesssss

‘ps. me and Zarina are starting a critical review site and she said it should be called and we need a comment section’ the last bit kills me because we have never ever had a comment section and honestly, looking back, thank god. we would have been ran off the internet by now. i love our website because no one can stop us. i’m like a whippet

(fuck adobe lmao)